The secret fifty-million dollar trial of the Who's Who Worldwide Registry was rife with corruption.
This is truly a case for the books, and one that YOU can help correct by calling for pardon.
1,200 news organizations - and not a one of them covered this miscarriage of justice.
This company and its employees allegedly ripped off FIFTY THOUSAND leaders...
and, per a Prosecution intentionally rejecting exculpatory evidence,
these geniuses and leaders were ripped off, get this, repeatedly!
The best and the brightest among us, ripped off for 7 years?
The premise is nothing less than insane, yet it worked.
Please, call for a Pardon for the Who's Who'ers.
Just dial 202, then 456, and finally 1414.
Ask nicely for the pardons they merit.
Thank you for being good, in caring.